Our Story

Our story is a direct response to the emotional and psychological struggle that is caused by the human urge of pushing yourself to achieve the real and illusive goals and expectations of live, which brings relentless anxiety, worry, emotional pressure and inner struggle...

We have been socialized to ‘win’, be ‘faster’, ‘perfect’, ‘normal’ and be the ‘best’ we can possibly be, as we constantly try to do and be better and when we inevitably fall short of achieving the ever-changing goals and expectations we slip into the inevitable emotional struggle of self-doubt, shame, judgements and depressive moods.  

We acknowledge that it is inevitable that you will experience, difficult and uncomfortable thoughts and emotions but that suffering as a consequence is optional.  For years we have tried to be perfect parents, children, spouses, friends, in-laws, family, employees and many more, yet we experienced break-ups, illness, loss and critical life-changing events.  In the process we felt stuck, disengaged and in despair about the future, regret about the past and felt failure at it all, tried it all and tired of it all.  

We, live in a society that labels our difficult feelings, emotions, past memories and psychological experiences as either ‘Normal’ and ‘Abnormal’ events that needs to be ‘fixed’ and ‘controlled’, instead of accepting and taking mindful actions guided by our deepest values, while being fully present and engaged.

Our Name and Logo

TransfoCoaching and Consulting draws its inspiration from the Ocean Waves that are represented in our Logo.  The Waves are always moving and are constantly changing size, shape, color, speed and direction; waves refresh all the time, are complex, inspiring, a source of recreation and rejuvenation.  

With its diverse and unique qualities, waves could be likened to the unique processes of human thinking and emotional experiences.  Watching the waves as they meet the shore, rising to its highest (crest) and to its lowest point and along the way continuously changing speed, form and size, hitting obstacles, change direction and go around those obstacles to reach the shore. 

Similarly, people inherently have the qualities to transform their relationships with their thoughts and commit to take values-based actions, however people might be challenged by unwanted thoughts, emotions and past memories that might hinder their progress and these are often labeled as symptoms to fix and obstacles to get rid of.  

We believe that through our engagement people are able to ACT in the service of their values and achieve what matters to them.

Our Engagement Principles 

We are enthusiastic and commit to our client's valued outcomes.

We pioneer new ways to deliver client focused services.

Together we provide space and create learning teams.

We are ethical and value confidentiality.